Industrial maintenance

Groupe Tremblay offers services of industrial cleaning and maintenance. A wide range of manual cleaning options is available, depending on the conditions met. (i.e.: vacuum truck, sandblasting, painting, etc.).

Our employees are trained to perform cleaning duties in confined spaces, such as tanks and ducts. Our specially designed suits and breathing systems offer complete protection against industrial chemicals and allow us to work in the presence of corrosive gases and substances, such as sulphates and acids.


Some situations require sand-, carbonate- or steel ball—blasting. Two sandblasting mobile units, including one equipped with a booster, are available for different kinds of cleaning work.



Groupe Tremblay possesses a GapVax-type truck, which can quickly clean up dry residue. This truck is equipped with a powerful 5,200 ft3/min pump and a 3,000-gallon tank capacity and pumps up fine particles (sand, minerals) and different solids or semisolids (mud).