Cathode production

A unique service in North America

Groupe Tremblay is the only occidental company to manufacture cathode plates with a patent of which they hold exclusive operating rights.

These cathode plates act as ion detectors during the electrolytic process. The manufacturing procedure consists in a successive series of steps leading to the assembly of each part of the cathode to finally obtain a unique product up to the client’s standards of excellence.

Reusing and recycling

However, the lifespan of the cathode is limited, thus creating a considerable amount of aluminum waste, despite the fact that an important proportion of the material is still usable and has sustained its properties.

Groupe Tremblay therefore surrounded itself with partners in order to realize an innovative plan to design and implement the very first friction stir welding (FSW) cell aiming to recycle these used plates.

These new ecofriendly installations are a substantial source of economic savings for the company and give it a competitive edge on the market. Cathode plates reconditioning is now an important dimension of Groupe Tremblay, as a great part of its resources in research and development are devoted to it.

Soudage par friction-malaxage


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